Monday, May 2, 2011

Our May Day

We had a good May Day. While it should have been a communal celebration we had some family observances and a day of work with some May Games.

Snow is finally gone, and the yard is dry enough to work. When raked, the ground promises green, but the trees still have not displayed the leaf mist of early summer. It is time to force children into work and to bring in the May Games to make it fun.

Speeding the Plow, and the May Games were communal May activities that celebrated feats of agricultural work such as plowing contests among young men. Our May games revolved around contest of making the biggest leaf piles and running baskets of leaves to the chicken coop.

We made a maypole, and the four of us danced and wove and left it there.

After that, a goose dinner from last year's harvest. Laura made a truly sumptuous May Day feast of roast goose, corn, and stuffed mushrooms.

lastly we jumped the fire, split the fire into two pieces, and drove the livestock (in our case a dog and some chickens) between them.

In all a glorious and exhausting start to summer.

But that's not all, for the May games continue at the end of the week as we have plow day for the local antique tractor association (to feed my inner steampunk), and our school's May Fair to attend on Saturday. More on that when we get there.

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