Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Valentine's Day

The original title I thought of for this blog was 'better next time'. It was conceived as a way to assess family and community festivals, figure out how they could be improved and document those for the next year.

This Valentine's Day, was one such festival. We met with several friends at the Farm School Yurt. There were problems and triumphs.

I'll start with the triumphs. First, we organized a get together in a short time, with minimal budget, and had a blast. I brought a few anvils, and we made industrial valentines with kids out of copper and aluminum. One family brought a dog sled and the kids all got rides and to drive the sled.

Now the problems and how we could have overcome them.

The trip to the yurt was long. For must of us who showed up without snowshoes, skis, or a dog sled it was a slog through waist-high snow.
The Yurt was warm, but not nearly light enough.
I did not show up until 5:20 pm, even though the start of the event was 4:00pm. I didn't feel this was a problem, as I work 'till five. Some parzents who do not have set work schedules felt this was inappropriate on my part.
Toward the end of the evening it was to dark to beat on metal.

Several things could have been done to fix this. A trip up to the Yurt the day before could have assessed the snow issues, and ascertained that we would have needed better candles to light the yurt. I could have beeter communicated when I would be getting there. And finally, I need several lanterns and poles to enable outside work ater dark.

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