Friday, November 18, 2011


The feast of St. Martin. St. Martin of Tours is an enigma to me. Personally I find little in his Vita that is compelling. But he had a huge following, and is really one of the most beloved of the late Roman western saints. It surprised me when I discovered that his feast was celebrated in our school. Last year in first grade, my son made a Laterna. The rest of the family made some to go with it and we went on a Lantern walk. Not that everything went smoothly. We attempted to go to a lantern walk at a friends Church, but we missed connections with them. We salvaged the evening walking around our town green. This year we started earlier and made gorgeous laterna, but our walk was beset by similar problems. Martinmas came and went as we weathered a huge windstorm. And this evening, when the wind finally died down, we beat the bounds of our property, lanterns in hand.

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